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Applying to the Eddie Adams Workshop

The 2018 submission deadline has passed. We are now in the process of reviewing entries. Thank you to all this year's participants!

To apply to the Eddie Adams workshop, you must be either a student or a professional with less than 5 years of experience.

The application process is easy.

  1. Register on this application website.
  2. Login and select if you are a student or professional.
  3. Pay a fee and upload your portfolio of images.
  4. Upload your 15-20 JPEG images to be reviewed by our panel of editors.

For a helpful video on click here

Cost of submission

$55 U.S.D (extended deadline period currently) .


Extended Deadline: June 8th, 2018 Midnight PST

The workshop is an incredible opportunity to learn from the best and form lasting friendships in the photo community.


What happens when I submit this form?
Once you apply, you will receive a Paypal confirmation that payment was received. You will not receive a confirmation that your application was submitted. Final results will be emailed out in mid-July.

Am I a “student” or am I a “professional?”
A student is someone who is currently enrolled in a college or university, or has/will graduate in the current calendar year. Graduates qualify as professionals. No exceptions. A professional is a photographer who has had 5 years or less experience as a working photographer (including freelance and internships). If you have been working as a photographer for more than 5 years, you do not qualify to apply to the Workshop.

I am a freelance photographer who did not go to school for photography and have never worked as a professional, though I’m hoping to become a professional photographer- can I still apply?
The Eddie Adams Workshop is an intense experience, designed for those intending to work as professional photographers and photojournalists. That said, as long as you have not been a professional photographer for more than 5 years, you are eligible to apply.

What kinds of pictures should be in my portfolio?
Your portfolio should reflect your vision as a photographer. This is primarily a photojournalism-based workshop, so most of our students are documentary/news/sports/portrait/editorial photographers. We are not necessarily looking for a typical “news” portfolio (ie: one spot news photo, one sports, one feature, etc). Our portfolio reviewers are looking for a combination of talent and potential- we want to see your strongest work, whatever you feel that may be. Afton Almaraz (Barnstorm XXI) wrote a blog entry on the images that helped get him selected.

Do I have to write an essay?
No. But you will need to provide a brief personal statement describing your photographic experience and educational background. Explain why you want to attend the Workshop and what you hope to get out of it.

Do I have to send a recommendation? How do I send it?

No. We no longer accept a letter of recommendation.

If I am a military photographer can I apply?
Yes. We encourage military photographers to participate in the Workshop.

If I don’t live in the U.S. can I attend the Workshop?
Yes. We accept photographers from all over the world. As long as you speak English and fit the requirements, you may apply. We accept 100 students total and out of that 100.

How much does it cost to attend the Workshop?
The Eddie Adams Workshop is a tuition free event. Once you are accepted, you are responsible for travel expenses, and a flat fee for room and board ($375) at the Workshop.

How do I get to the Workshop?
The Eddie Adams Workshop takes place in Jeffersonville, NY, about a 2.5 hour drive from New York City. There are 2 ways to get to the Workshop: 1) If you are close enough you can drive. 2) If you live close to New York City, we provide bus service to and from the event at a low cost (~$60).

If I am accepted into the Eddie Adams Workshop, who can I show my portfolio to?
There are 150 industry professionals at the Workshop, many of whom are picture editors and photography directors of national publications such asTime, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post,andPeople. During the Workshop, there are multiple portfolio review sessions scheduled where you can get feedback on your work from these editors.

If I have been a student at a previous Workshop, can I apply again?
No. Once you have attended the Workshop as a student, you may not reapply.


Can I include text slides with my images, to separate stories from singles? And can I put captions directly on the pictures?
Do NOT include text slides in your 20 images. Also, do NOT put any text, including captions, on the images themselves. Images with captions or other text on them will be disqualified. We no longer accept captions, so your images should be strong enough visually to not require them.

If you have questions, please email :

Image sizing tips:
Digital images should have a long dimension of at least 2,000 pixels and be saved at 300 dpi (Around 7" or larger) jpeg. We recommend the uncompressed file size not be larger than 10 megabytes each to ensure a fast upload experience. (Uncompressed is the size you see in Photoshop's "Image Size" display which represents the count of pixels in the image. It is not the file size on your computer's hard drive viewable on your desktop.) Images may be color profiled in sRGB, Adobe-1998, or not color-managed.
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